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Compiler Support on Modern C++


In my previous post , I listed the C++11 and C++14 status of some common compilers. Here I am coming to do a more practical and complete study on C++11 (and C++14 if possible).

Okay, Let’s begin


Notably, GCC C++, Clang C++, IBM C++, and Microsoft C++ already implement most or all C++11 features:

In additions, their belonging library:

  • libstdc++ status
  • libc++ status page is removed for the support is completed

C++11 Features

There are two parts making a complete C++11 support, namely compiler support and library one.

A detailed table for similar purpose inf different C++11 Features of c++ compiler is made at last updated at 2013, or visit cpprocks one

C++11 STL Support

  • libstdc++4.8 has incomplete and buggy std::regex, which is completed in 4.9.
  • libc++ has been completed for a quite a long time (about a year).

  • to be completed

Projects in C++11

  • CAF
  • boost

Projects coworks under both of C++03 and C++11

  • boost
  • intel tbb

C++14 and its succeeder, C++17


A detailed table for similar purpose inf different C++14 Features of c++ compiler is made or visit one, or visit cpprocks one

Although clang 3.4 has c++14 features complete, some c++14 users claims that clang 3.4 has full support for C++14, it has several C++14-related bugs that are fixed in 3.5. view more


clang has named experimental c++17 support to c++1z, and gcc follows

  • ISO Roadmap

Some words on c++11

you might wanna use -std=c++11 instead of -std=c++0x for a real C++11 support (gcc 4.8+, clang 3.3+ and etc)

you might wanna use -std=c++14 instead of -std=c++1y for a real C++14 support (gcc 5.0+, clang 3.5+ and etc)


For a complete c++11-feature support, please use:

  • gcc 4.8.1 or later, (for regex library please use gcc 4.9)
  • clang 3.3 or later
  • MSVC 2014 CTP1+ or latest
  • Inter C++ 15.0 or later